McDonald’s – Building a Restaurant Menu Platform for a Federated Environment

Accurate restaurant bill-of-materials (BOM) data is critical to execute the promotional complexity expected by customers. This session will describe how Stibo Systems’ PIM was designed and implemented in a federated environment and how McDonald’s managed challenges both at the implementation and execution stage.
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Diving into Multidomain and Revealing Insights to Power the Business

Business applications and systems rarely operate around a single data domain. There’s always the need to marry one type of data with another to provide context, reveal relationships and discover new opportunities. Informed business decisions rely upon a solid foundation of master data and the ability to blend that data to discover new ways to […]
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RESET: Reimagining a Trusted and Human Digital Future

Data is taking center stage. How do we ensure tech is serving people instead of the other way around? It’s time we press RESET and start afresh. This is a story of how the next normal is transforming humanity forever.
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